Palace Picture House
Cine-Rama Palace Picture House is the official headquarters of the Chattanooga Film Festival and genre loving film club Mise En Scenesters. For the last 7 years Mise En Scenesters (MES) and Chattanooga Film Festival have made it their mission to bring as much new, classic, obscure and genre cinema as possible to the people of Chattanooga and with the birth of Cine-Rama Palace Picture House this proud tradition continues. Chattanooga finally has the arthouse cinema it deserves. Come on by grab a bite and a beer and see something truly unique and help us make Chattanooga a safer place for cinephiles.
Swine Gallery presents non-conventional art and projects by emerging and established artists in order to expand the public’s appreciation for artistic innovation in Chattanooga.

Swine resides inside the Cine-Rama and is primarily a visual arts Project Space for installation, performance, music, and other transformative, miscellaneous, and ambitious ideas. Its functions are an amalgamation of an academic gallery, a contemporary project space, and a small venue.

More projects, collaborations, and pop-ups coming soon from the Cine-Rama Palace Picture House collective.